Commune camping at Badin Lake

The commune took it camping at Badin Lake this past weekend (in the Uwharrie National Forest in NC).

Excellent swimming, walking, eating and drinking took place, and here is the time lapse video to show for it.

The music is by talking drum master, Mamadou Mbengue; accompanied by Evan Frierson and Daniel Yount (this audio was acquired during the production of “Mamadou Tëgg Tama” 2012 spring practicum for UNC-G)

video specs:
Camera – gopro hero3 black
1080p, time lapse every 5 seconds

Car Crash

a car crash happened in front of the commune today. fortunately, no one was hurt. a 22-year old girl was going a bit too fast for walker street, and looked down as she searched for something inside her car. while she was looking down, she hit an empty parked car, and subsequently flipped hers over. I did not see the accident, though I heard it from the back of the house (it sounded like a thunder-cloud bomb went off). although there was much vehicular damage, the girl crawled out of her car window–unharmed save for a scratch on her arm. it was good to see her walk away… remember, no texting while driving!